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    Since 2006, the SBSHT has funded healers to work in NHS, and other health related areas to support  cancer patients and their families.

    A key role of the SBSHT is to increase awareness within the UK of the importance of providing healing support to cancer patients and families. Another vital role is to generate the crucial funds needed to place more healers  in NHS, and other health related areas, throughout the country.

    Complementary therapy (CT) is increasingly demanded and expected by patients undergoing cancer treatments. An increasing amount of research clearly demonstrates that CT is important to support patients through their conventional treatments. 

    SBSHT is committed to providing funds to NHS hospitals and cancer centers to engage the services of a Reiki practitioner or Healer for cancer patients and their families.

    What do we need from the recruiting centre?

    a) We need to be contacted by the recruiting centre's manager

    b) We will visit the centre to see how and where the therapist will be working with patients

    c) We will donate funds into any suitable NHS or related fund

    d) The therapist will  be given an NHS fixed term contract or an honorary contract

    e) The therapist will be required to wear a SBSHT polo shirt and provide us with quarterly reports

    Donate here
    Donate here
    Thank you!
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