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Stephen Rowley, RGN RSCN BSc (Hons) MSc.

Lead Cancer Nurse at UCLH 

"Make no mistake; whilst more intensive and longer lasting cancer treatments improve cancer survival rates, chemotherapy and radiotherapy still have the potential to debilitate patients physically and mentally.

The challenge for us is to better support patients during their cancer journey. Nowadays, we have never been as well armed or informed to counter the negative side-effects of cancer treatments by using the positive effects of complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine. It’s a perfect combination. 

We are striving towards providing this model of care to all our cancer patients rather than to just a few – and to pave the road towards making the UCH model a NHS standard."

Dr Maria Michelagnoli, Consultant Oncologist, Patron

"I am a paediatric and adolescent oncologist at the University College Hospital.  We have been privileged to have a team of healers working alongside ourselves for the past number of years.  In fact, the team have become integral members of our paediatric and adolescent multidisciplinary teams.

They have provided complementary roles in many circumstances including troubled/anxious children and young people and their families, are supportive of those chronically unwell and have been utilised for specific difficulties such as needle-phobia.  In addition, they have provided important staff support; the roles are varied and dependent on the preferences of families and children.

In particular, we found no conflict of interest with ‘spiritual healing' proffered by religious groups.  It is hard to imagine how the service would function without the support and dedication of our particular team.I can't recommend enough the value of this resource within the service."

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