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  • Magic Man & His Dementia Adventure

    Graham was known as the ‘Magic Man’ by the children he gave Reiki to at University College London Hospital from 2001-2011. The magic of Graham continued despite dementia and I know he wanted me to share our journey together to support other families. Sharing his special magic through Reiki and helping others literally made his heart sing.

     When dementia came calling for Graham in 2013, I set about planning how to live the best life we could for as long as possible. There is very little written about the lighter side of dementia, but Graham's energy and zest for life remained strong until the last days of his life.

    Along the way, we dug deep within ourselves to achieve the quality of life we both enjoyed. There were hard times during lockdown and Covid, the road was long, and challenging at times but there were hidden gifts within dementia that I did not expect to find around almost every corner.

    Graham spent five months in two residential care homes during the Covid crisis. It was a nightmare and forced me to take the drastic step of bringing him back home to live. In hindsight, making the decision to bring Graham home was a gift as it has been the most rewarding part of our journey for me. 

    Witnessing the joy and peace on Graham's face during the last year of his life was the gift that sustains me now that he has passed into spirit.

     My wish is that you will find something within our journey to raise your spirits and help you build resilience for the journey ahead of you whatever your diagnosis may be. We would both like you to have a good chuckle at our adventures whilst holding my hand through the inevitable sadness and loss of a great love; such is the nature of dementia.

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Magic Man and His Dementia Adventure

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