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  • Magic Man and His Dementia Adventure

    Reviews for The  Magic Man and his Dementia Adventure

    "I must admit right at the start, this is not the sort of book I would normally read, it was recommended to me.
    I was captivated.
    It is a difficult subject and a heart-breaking story but there was never a hint of overindulgence or pity me type thoughts…just a damn good story, told in a most intelligent and accessible way.
    It is one of those clever books that ‘works’ on so many levels. It’s a great read, it uses terrific language, and it tells the story of two people, very much in love, on a challenging part of their relationship. It is also, a more than useful manual on how to, and not to, approach the onset and progression of a dementia diagnosis, with lots of tips and useful hints and guidance, that worked, in this particular journey. It is the description of a situation that we all know is not going to end well, and yet, throughout, it is filled with love, hope, laughter, and yes, tears, and that end is just beautiful for the reader. But it is also an insight into growing old or mature, making life choices that will suit us better in the future, planning, and managing finite resources, to make this happen. And it details a sorry picture of government funding, or lack of it, and the inability to join up the dots to just, make things work in a fair way.
    The author doesn’t spare the punches either. There are some wonderful insights into the ups and downs of friends and family, residential homes, carers and humans in general.
    There were times I burst out laughing, nodded my head sagely, gasped, mouthed, ‘no!!!’, went still in my head and turned page after page in absolute fascination, never feeling guilty in wanting to know what happened next in this, basically, tragedy.
    I am getting older and have lived a full life, but I have never encountered anyone, that I know of, dealing with dementia. I thank Angie and Graham, for allowing me into their world.
    Well done to the author. She and her husband sound great folks. I hope many read this love story".

    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 September 2023
    If you’re human, this book is well worth a read. Both my parents died of Alzheimers. The confusing and catastrophic damage to their brains, was just as physically debilitating and emotionally traumatic to them and to our family, as a brain cancer is to the body. Arguably its worse. I say this with 30 years experience as a specialist cancer nurse.

    But this is obvious to anyone. Only a cruel and cynical social care system would try to conveniently say any different. This book should be read by politicians and policy makers in a position to do something about a travesty that kicks people hard and repeatedly when they are down and nearly out. There is no sign of self pity here, but nevertheless, Angie and Graham’s story screams out an unfairness that casts shame on successive Governments. Mostly of course, it should be read by those caring for a patient or a loved one with dementia, as Angie gives practical advice in her direct but easy going manner that will resonate immediately to carers now or may help in the future.

    Angie is quite evidently one of a kind. In taking Graham with advanced dementia out of a care residence and right back into their own home, she pulled something off that very few people could. Altogether, a worthy social care message, lots of practical dementia tips, and one of the most real and poignant stories of unconditional love you are likely to read.

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Magic Man and His Dementia Adventure

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